6 Ways to Prevent Baby Hair Loss

6 Ways to Prevent Baby Hair Loss

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Common Reasons for Hair Loss in Babies
Firstly, there’s no need to panic if you notice your baby losing their delicate locks! Newborn hair loss is very common and happens for a variety of reasons.

You may find that your baby is losing hair for hormonal reasons, which is completely normal in the first 6 months and also temporary. Hormone levels drop after birth, which causes many strands of hair to fall out together, leaving you with a little bald baby. This process however is usually quickly followed by new hair growth. Sometimes the new hair will be a different texture, thickness or colour, so be prepared for a surprise when those new strands start to appear!

The most common cause of baby bald spots and newborn hair loss however is friction. Child health organisations around the world, including the American Academy of Paediatrics, recommend that babies sleep on their backs to reduce the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). Seeing as babies spend a lot of time on their backs, usually wriggling around and rubbing hair off the back of their heads, it’s little wonder that so many of them develop bald patches.

While it is normal for babies to get a bald patch, there are a few things you can do to protect their locks, reduce hair loss and prevent that unsightly baby bald spot at the back of their head.

How to Protect Your Little One’s Hair

1. Sleep on Silk
To protect against hair loss, make sure your little babe is laying on silk. Cotton, bamboo and other fabrics can tug on delicate baby hair, resulting in it being knotted and pulled out. The liquid smooth finish of premium silk however, provides an incredibly soft and frictionless surface for baby to lie on, allowing their fine hair to glide effortlessly and unharmed.

Don’t be tempted to use a cheaper alternative such as satin – while it is smooth to the touch, this synthetic fabric is inferior to pure silk in many ways. Premium Mulberry silk is not only smooth, it is also hypoallergenic, naturally hydrating, moisture wicking, dust-mite resistant, thermal regulating and antimicrobial, making it the ideal fabric for bubs and their sensitive skin.

Sleepy Silk, Baby Girl on Silk Bassinet Sleeve
Silk Sleeves from Sleepy Silk – patented one-size-fits-all sleeves designed for both the bassinet and crib. These beautiful sleeves provide a silk surface for bub’s head to lay on, banishing those baby bald spots.

Sleepy Silk, Nursery with Silk Crib Fitted Sheet
Silk Fitted Sheets from Sleepy Silk – luxurious full silk sheets designed for both the bassinet and crib. Perfect for particularly wriggly sleepers or for babies with eczema and other skin irritations.

Sleepy Silk, Baby on Silk Lounger Cover Snuggle Me
Silk Lounger Covers from Sleepy Silk – patented one-size-fits-all silk cover to suit a variety of loungers. Now bub can lay on silk even when they’re awake! Also doubles as a fitted sheet for bassinets.

2. Change it Up
To ensure that there isn’t too much friction on one particular spot on your baby’s head, slightly adjust their head during their sleep. This helps to prevent not only newborn hair loss, but also flat spots that can occur with too much pressure.

You can also change up your baby’s positioning by alternating which end of the crib you place their head on when laying them down. Many babies tend to look out into the room, so mixing up which end you place them on will reduce the amount of time spent lying on one particular side.

3. Stimulate those Strands
Applying some extra-virgin coconut oil to bub’s scalp a few times a week can help to improve circulation, which in turn promotes blood flow to their hair follicles and stimulates your baby’s hair to grow. Allow the oil to absorb for 15 – 20 minutes, then gently rinse it out with some warm water and lightly pat baby’s hair dry with a soft towel. As an added bonus, the coconut oil also moisturises their skin and adds lustre and shine to their hair.

Gently combing or brushing your baby’s scalp is another way to encourage blood flow to the hair follicles. Be sure to only use products specifically designed for bub’s delicate skin and take care not to over brush, as this can actually cause damage and hair breakage.

Shellamy Baby Brush and Comb SetBaby Hairbrush and Comb Set from Shellamy Baby – this 3 piece set features a hairbrush made from super soft goat hair bristles, a massage brush for increasing circulation and a wooden comb with rounded teeth 

Haakaa Silicone Baby Brush
Silicone Shampoo Brush from Haakaa – this versatile tool is made from soft and durable silicone, and can be used to brush bub’s hair, clean their body at bathtime or massage their scalp. 

4. Get Off Your Back
When your baby’s neck is strong enough to hold their head up, they’re ready to flip over for tummy time! Try to play with bub sitting up rather than lying down, and make use of baby carriers and slings. Getting bub off their back doesn’t just prevent bald patches, it’s also an important part of their overall healthy development.

5. Keep it Loose
Avoid tight ponytails or any other hairstyles that pull on your baby’s hair. If their locks are getting in the way, tame them with soft hair bands and hair clips that don’t pull on their strands.

Sommerfuglkids Baby Soft n Stretchy Headband
Baby Soft n Stretchy Headband by Sommerfuglkids – as their name suggests, these nylon baby headbands are super soft and very stretchy, so are perfect for keeping bub’s hair out of the way

6. Less is More
To minimise your baby’s hair loss, try washing their hair less. Newborns don’t need to have their hair washed every day, so cut down to 2 – 3 times a week instead. Most babies do not require their hair to be shampooed either, but if you do use a shampoo, pick a gentle, pH-neutral product.

Other Reasons for Hair Loss
Other conditions, such as cradle cap, alopecia or hypothyroidism could also be the cause of baby hair falling out, however these are more uncommon. More often than not, baby balding is the result of friction or hormone fluctuations, but if you’re concerned, mention your baby’s hair loss to their doctor so that they can check whether there’s an underlying cause requiring treatment.

Hair Raising Results
Wondering if your baby’s bald spot will grow back? See the incredible difference our premium silk products have made for these previously balding babies! 

Sleepy Silk Before & After Baby Bald Spot