There's nothing quite as luxurious as sleeping on silk - our silk products have become an essential part of our bedtime routine, and we know they will be a staple in yours too!

- Benefits of Sleeping on Silk -

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50 Night Guarantee

We know you'll love our luxe silk products, and we're so confident that we're letting you sleep on them for 50 nights. If you're not thrilled with your purchase, return it for a full refund. No risk, just silky bliss!

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- What Our Customers Say -

My new eye mask is making sleeping (and waking up) a pleasure.

The eye mask is so soft and comfortable to wear - and wake up feeling refreshed after sleeping better than ever before and no sleep creases around eyes. It's great.

Kathy P,. Mar 2020


Love these silk pillowcases! Been having pillow marks on my face recently but ever since I changed to the silk pillowcase, it never happens anymore! My hair get less messy when I wake up in the morning too. Strongly recommended!!

Joanne J., Mar 2020

The perfect treat for my curls

My curls have never been happier. It's well worth treating them to a luxurious nights sleep on these beautiful pillowcases.

Ruth C., Feb 2020

It actually works! Love it!

Loving our Silk Cot Sleeve! We've been using it for a little over 2 weeks and Mason's bald spot is nearly completely gone :) Will be recommending it to my friends. Thanks

Stephanie C., Feb 2020

Highly recommended for dry skin and hair!

Ever since I received my silk pillowcase I've noticed a significant difference in not only my hair, but my skin too. My face feels smoother and softer when I wake up.

Sarah T., Feb 2020

The most divine silk pillowcases 

Luxurious to touch, superb quality and the bonus is that they are also fantastic for your skin and hair! Highly recommend!

Eve G., Feb 2020

The best decision ever.

Absolutely in love with dare I say it... pillowcases! My hair feels softer in the morning and my hairstyles last longer.

Kim Y., Feb 2020

Lovely, soft and luxurious

Great product. Lovely to sleep on. Would recommend product to others

Ju Lee H., Jan 2020
Silk Pillowcase - Blush Silk Sleeve, Set of 2 (Bassinet & Cot / Crib Sleeve) - Dream Big Silk Fitted Sheet for Cots / Cribs - Ivory Silk Sleeve for Bassinets - Dove Grey Crosses Silk Eye Mask - Midnight

Better skin, hair + sleep

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- What The Experts Say -

I love silk pillow cases. They create less wrinkles and indentations on the skin as you sleep.

Dr Dendy Engelman, dermatologist

Healthy, shiny hair is definitely in, and sleeping on silk is one of the easiest ways to make an impact on your hair health.

Justine Marjan, celebrity hairstylist

It's a hypoallergenic material and is great for patients with frequent contact allergies or sensitivities.

Dr Claire Chang, MD, dermatologist

Silk doesn’t trap moisture the way cotton does which allows your products to stay on your skin and doesn’t get absorbed into the pillowcase.

Dr Lily Talakoub , dermatologist