There's nothing quite as luxurious as sleeping on silk - our silk products have become an essential part of our bedtime routine, and we know they will be a staple in yours too!

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We know you'll love our luxe silk products, and we're so confident that we're letting you sleep on them for 50 nights. If you're not thrilled with your purchase, return it for a full refund. No risk, just silky bliss!

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- What Our Customers Say -

Must have for babies

My baby shakes and thrashes her head really actively when trying to soothe herself to sleep and so the huge bald spot started to appear. At first I couldn’t justify splurging for a silk sleeve but in the end I caved in. Thank goodness I did! Her hairs are all slowly growing back in her bald area so I’m happy to say that this works!! 

Katie T., Sep 2020

Shouldn't have waited so long

Our 1.5yo son has ringlets and was waking from every sleep with an utter birds nest on his head. The cost of the sheets made me hesitate, for too long in hindsight. His hair is beautifully curled when waking now, and he even rubs the luxurious fabric to send himself to sleep-added bonus. Well worth the $

Alanna E, Sep 2020


I own silk pieces from other big brands (silke, slip, lunya) but the silk from this company is the softest and smoothest by a land slide! it washes like a dream in the machine and dries quickly and is just as soft as day 1.

My only wish is that they make more products, I would invest in it all!

Jaecelle G., Sep 2020

Comparable to Slip, but even better

I've had a silk eye mask from Slip Silk before but honestly, this Sleepy Silk mask is wayyyyyy better. It's much bigger, providing full coverage from the lights. The material is very soft to the touch and have a decent thickness to it. Moreover, having a velvet, adjustable strap brings the silk eye mask game to the next level.

Su H., Aug 2020

Wish I had bought it sooner!

My poor 3 month old boy was starting to look like a balding man from the back. Not only was his hair breaking and falling out, but whatever hair he did have was turning to a wire like texture. After just one night sleeping on his sleepy silk sleeve, his hair was soft and smooth! 

Stephanie F., Aug 2020

Stopped her going bald

I was a little dubious that a silk sheet cover would really stop her going bald, but it did!

Jordana B,. Aug 2020

Baby's new accessory

Baby's new accessory is beautiful and soooo silky. Definitely worth the purchase knowing his hair is going to be protected and he is gonna have a good night sleep no matter what!! Will definitely recommend this to all mums :)

Dinola N, Aug 2020

Midnight Silk Eye Mask

Super quality item. My wife now sleeps! No light gets through it, adjusted to her comfort zone. Says it is so soft and comfortable to wear. Very happy wife, thank you.

Anthony U., Jul 2020

Best purchase!

Bought this over a week ago for my 4 month old, who has a huge bald spot, and in 10 days her hair is already growing back! I love this product so much I actually repurchased 2 more for the bassinet downstairs and the pram! Love this product and have already recommended it to all my friends with bubs! Thank you xxx 

Olivia S., Jul 2020
Silk Pillowcase - Blush Silk Sleeve, Set of 2 (1x Bassinet and 1x Crib) - Dream Big Silk Fitted Sheet for Cots / Cribs - Ivory Silk Sleeve for Bassinets - Dove Grey Crosses Silk Eye Mask - Midnight

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I love silk pillow cases. They create less wrinkles and indentations on the skin as you sleep.

Dr Dendy Engelman, dermatologist

Healthy, shiny hair is definitely in, and sleeping on silk is one of the easiest ways to make an impact on your hair health.

Justine Marjan, celebrity hairstylist

It's a hypoallergenic material and is great for patients with frequent contact allergies or sensitivities.

Dr Claire Chang, MD, dermatologist

Silk doesn’t trap moisture the way cotton does which allows your products to stay on your skin and doesn’t get absorbed into the pillowcase.

Dr Lily Talakoub , dermatologist