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Beautiful and practical

This sheet is so soft and smooth, my 9 mth old loves to gently slide her hand along the sheet as she falls asleep, which comforts her. It is a thick and durable silk, and has washed well when required. I was initially hesitant to purchase this in case of it being ruined or difficulty cleaning, but I wish I had bought it for her as a newborn. She definitely sleeps much more soundly and doesn’t rub her hair on the sheet like she used to on the cotton sheet.

The best silk pillowcases!

I have tried a few brands of silk pillowcases and these are a standout. The silk is so smooth but strong and thick, and the pillows stay in there with the neat zip. Other brands are so thin and the pillows slide out. The silk is so smooth and feels amazing to sleep on, much nicer for your hair and skin. And great for those sensitive to dust mites.

Perfect for ezcema babies!

My 8- month old baby has severe ezcema on his face and body and he tries to relieve the itch by rubbing against the sheets which aggravates his ezcema. This led me to look for silk cot sheets. I must say these luxuriously soft and smooth silk sheets are so worth it. It has noticeably helped in reducing the redness on his face due to friction from all the rubbing. Great quality and best of all i can put it in the washing machine. So happy with it that i bought another one. Great customer service from Danni. She kindly helped me with all my queries before i even bought anything! Highly recommend Sleepy Silk to anyone looking for silk sheets.
Fong Chin

Love it

It doesn‘t matter if my daughter removes her sleeping cap, she get to sleep on soft good quality silk, which is good for her hair. Its good for my newborn too, so far no hair loss. Am a happy customer 😊

Changed my life

Have a big noggin so the adjustable strap is key. Genuinely changed my life, no more getting up to shut the door after the cat, just relax on through in serene darkness

Sleep Eye Mask - Mustard ♥

It's been a month since I bought the sleep mask. I love love love this amazing mask. It is very comfortable & soft. It fits very well & I highly recommend it ♥♥♥♥♥

Great product and customer service

I am very happy with my sleepy silk purchase. It has helped tremendously in the management of my baby’s eczema. Also the customer service and assistance provided is outstanding. Will definitely recommend and purchase in the future

Sleep like a Princess

I am loving both my silk fitted sheet and silk sleeve for cot for my daughter. She sleeps well and It gives me the peace of mind that I know I am giving her extreme comfort. Highly recommended.

Amazing product!

My 3 month old started developing a bald patch from one side of her head to the other. I noticed there was a patch of hair on her sheets in the morning so bought the silk cot sleeve in hopes it would help and it did! There’s never any hair left in her bed after a nap and her little bald patch has started to grow back! Thanks so much to sleepy silk 😊

Would highly recommend

We purchased a silk sleeve for our 6 month old daughter. It's lovely! It fits perfectly and we have noticed she's not lost any hair since using it. I wish we had it sooner. Also, the customer service is wonderful and it is nice to support such a great small business. I am thinking of buying a pillow case for myself!

Incredibly Soft and Luxurious!

Wow wow wow. This eye mask is perfect! These guys have thought of everything, from the adjustable straps to the black silk underside. This eye mask fits perfectly and blocks out all the light. Best sleep ever!

Very good quality (Imported from Amazon)

Recipient absolutely delighted with mask and its presentation.

Many thanks for your card and am happy to support small business especially when you present your goods so superbly. Many thanks to Jason and Danni for your kind words and hope your business goes from strength to strength (Imported from Amazon)

Super quality item.

My wife now sleeps! No light gets through it, adjusted to her comfort zone. Says it is so soft and comfortable to wear. Very happy wife, thank you.

2nd silk as wonderful as the 1st

We loved our Sleepy Silk bassinet sleeve so much that it was mandatory to buy a sleeve to fit our mini crib when it was time to upsize the baby’s sleeping quarters. I adore the pink herringbone so much!! Baby continues to have smooth hair in the morning and there is no more hair breakage. Her bald spot that formed prior to using the bassinet sleeve continues to fill back in. I don’t know if she’ll get a full size crib or twin bed next, but either way she’ll get the sleepy silk to fit (sheet or pillow case)!

Very Happy Mama

My 3 month old started to get a bald spot on the back of her head which is what brought me to seek out this product. She lays in bed and constantly shakes her head until she falls asleep and the friction was causing the hair loss/damage. We've only used the bassinet sleeve so far, because she's not in her crib yet. It's only been a couple of weeks and I can already see a difference. The bald spot has completely stopped getting bigger. And although it might take some time for it to fill in, I can feel some new growth already. I was really stressing out about this, so I'm happy I found a solution. Also, the product arrived very quickly and literally came from half way around the world, from Australia to Connecticut, USA. I was impressed. I also really appreciated the handwritten note in the package, a small touch that truly made me feel like my purchase was a good one and I was supporting something worthwhile. Would purchase again and recommend. I took pictures the day we started using this and will try to update once the bald spot fills in a bit.


So soft, full coverage and comfortable. I fully recommend.

Good quality and fast delivery! (Imported from Etsy)

Love them thank you :-)

Also cute handwritten note! (Imported from Etsy)

I have been searching for an eye mask that ticked everything that I was looking for for a long time - high quality silk, an adjustable strap that doesn't tug at your hair, effectively blocks light and is affordable - and I have finally found it! Thank you!! This is the epitome of luxury + well thought out design. Shipping was incredibly fast and beautifully packaged with a hand written note. I am so happy to have finally found such a wonderful product and Aussie business to support and recommend without hesitation. :)

Sleepy Silk!

Sleepy Silk provided excellent customer service and the products exceeded our expectations. I was searching for high quality silk products and then found Sleepy Silk. I brought the silk face mask and queen pillowcase set, silk sleeve, and silk fitted sheet for baby crib. Our baby girl loves the silk fitted crib sheet and sleeve. Also, the face mask and pillow case are amazing and as a mom, I can sleep and feel rested. The personal note was so sweet. We are loving our products!

Love this!

My daughter absolutely loves this! I will definitely be purchasing one for her crib sooner than later. Awesome products!

So comfy & smooth!

Our baby girl loves her silk sleeve on her bassinet. She even rolls her head around less as it’s so comfy and smooth!

Such amazing quality!

I bought both the bassinet and cot silk sheets and love them so far! Although pricey (hint: all brands of silk covers are!) they’re so worth the $$. They are super easy to adjust the sizing and wash really well too.