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Exceeded my expectations!!!

My 18 month old daughter has long hair and every time she slept in her crib her hair would have terrible tangles. A friend mentioned that Sleepy Silk had helped her infant’s hair so I thought I would try their fitted crib sheet. The difference was immediate! She now wakes up tangle free and her hair is so much easier to maintain! I hoped it would help some, but didn’t expect it to completely resolve the issue and help the overall health of her hair! The blossom color is also a beautiful pink and quality of the sheet is excellent! I ordered a pillow case for myself and wish they made adult sized sheets!


Got sheets and the string will not stay tightened.

Hi Tony, there was an instruction card included with your sheet with directions to adjust the bungee cord and tie a knot at the desired length. In case you no longer have the card, I've just emailed it to you too! :)

Happy with products

I bought 2 silk sleeves and bassinet cover and so far so good, definitely improving baby bald head! I use the sleeves in bassinet (one as a spare). I use the bassinet one on my rocker and works well because there is an adjustable draw string to adjust size. The fabric is soft and as described. Love the blossom pink colour. Thanks Sleepy Silk :)


Our 12 week old has beautiful but crazy hair that was ending up knotty after his sleeps! With his silk bassinet sheets we haven’t had a single knot since!

Perfect mask

I enjoy using this new sleeping mask. It covers my eyes and helps me sleep. It’s soft and fits my face well. I highly recommend!

Silk Eye Mask - Cherry Blossom
Marinda (Auckland, NZ)
Love the mask, not so much the clip

Love the mask. It’s luxurious and do well to block light but the clip that you use to adjust is in a very uncomfortable spot and it is not the best quality. My hair gets stuck in it and I can’t lay on my side because it digs in to my ear.

Hi Marinda, I'm glad you love the eye mask but am so sorry to hear that you find the adjustable buckle uncomfortable! :( I'm a side-sleeper also, but the buckle is nowhere near my ear, so I wonder if perhaps you received a faulty one with the buckle in the wrong spot...? Anyway, I've just sent you an email and hopefully we can get this sorted out for you asap! Danni xx

High quality

Lovely pattern, high quality! Fits nicely in our bassinet

The choice

Mom and bub loved it I can see less baldness on my friend's bub. Please get this sort of things as congrats gifts if applicable. Material is thicker than those affordable silks bit more money but worth it.

Silk sleeve

Great purchase. Wish I'd purchased sooner


I bought the silk cot sheet to see if it would help with my daughter’s eczema and can’t believe the difference it has made! Now wouldn’t use anything else, great quality. 100% recommend

Terra-Cotta Pillow cases

Love my silk pillow cases but wish the color was a little less orange terracotta more like the color of my sheets

Love it

I got this for my baby with eczema he was rubbing his face off the sheets during the night. Now he doesn’t do that and his red mark on the back of his head is gone. It also seems to stay cool and provide some relief to him when I put him down. Going to buy a second and now I’m tempted to get myself the pillows

Silk Eye Mask - Midnight
Norman M. (Hubbards, CA)
Great product!

Love the velvet on one side of the strap which prevents the mask from slipping. The silk is lovely against my skin. The size of the mask is large enough to ensure all light is blocked out.

Love love love

I began with using another brands silk sleeves/sheets and I didn’t really like it and it felt very tacky even though they had high popularity. I found sleepy silk and bought the bassinet fitted sheet and absolutely loved it. Recently my baby outgrew her bassinet and I had to get a cot sleeve and fitted sheet and honestly I could not live without either one of them!!! 10/10 highly recommend.

My little one was losing hair so quickly, but now its finally growing back and he's losing the bald spot

Silk King Pillowcase - Ivory
Janelle D. (Fort Smith, US)
Christmas Gift

My daughter says she loves it.

Great quality

Great quality silk and the perfect size for my iITutto bassinet. They come in a really nice little box so would be a nice gift. Hand written note in with the order was a lovely touch.

Silk Eye Mask - Olive
Karin D. (Glasgow, GB)
Sleeping mask

Love my mask. Have just travelled to UK and was fantastic to have it on the flight. Very comfortable to wear. Also perfect for sleeping here in a room which lets in a lot of light. Definitely recommend it!

Silk Eye Mask - Dove Grey
Cheryl G. (Melbourne, AU)
Perfect for a good night’s sleep!

The Sleepy Silk Eye Mask is comfortable to wear and stops all light entering, meaning you can get a great night’s sleep. The adjustable step means that you can have the exact size for your head so the mask does not slip or move. Highly recommended!

Silk Sleeve for Bassinets - Dove Grey
Haley S. (Winter Park, US)
Helped my son’s hair grow back

Bought this due to my son losing hair from rubbing his head on his sheets too much. After using this for a bit, his hair started coming back in. Also, it shipped very fast. 10/10

Wish I bought 2

Amazing, my baby finally is starting to get some baby hairs back on his bald spot. I wish I bought the twin pack. Was very tricky to put on the mattress but so worth it

Hair saver

My son was born with a full head of hair, He then started losing a line from one side of his head to the other side from rubbing. We have now been using the sleepy silk bassinet and crib sheet for a couple weeks and have noticed that he is no longer losing his hair. This has well and truely saved his hair! I would 100% recommend these to any mums and dads trying to save their babies hair!


Great quality and seems to be really helping with our baby’s thinning spot that she’s gotten because she loves to thrash her head around when she sleeps. Customer service is wonderful as well! Highly recommend.

Great product!

I started finding hair leftover after my daughter’s naps. After buying this product - I barely find any hair! And my daughter rubs her head when she’s in her bassinet a LOT!
We’ve now ordered them for the cot so we are ready when she’s ready to switch!

Their sleeves are useful because you can customise according to your mattress size.

Plus their packaging is so cute and they write handwritten notes! So cute!


My two previous babies rubbed all their back hair off around 2-3months, so when my third bub was born I searched for solutions, and got one of these. Going into month 3 with a beautiful head of hair - works great!