The Best Bedding
for Your Baby

Why your little one should be sleeping on our sheets

Why is our silk baby bedding the very best thing your bub can sleep on? I know you’re a time poor, sleep deprived parent of a baby, so I’ll get right to the point (3 points to be exact).

1. Prevents Baby Bald Spots

2. So. Many. Benefits

3. Fully Adjustable for a SIDS Safe Fit

What Happy Parents Are Saying

Shouldn’t have waited so long

Our 1.5 yo son has ringlets and was waking from every sleep with an utter birds nest on his head. The cost of the sheets made me hesitate, for too long in hindsight. His hair is beautifully curled when waking now, and he even rubs the luxurious fabric to send himself to sleep - added bonus. Well worth the $

Alana E.

Best purchase so far for my extremely mobile and thrashing baby!

My baby shakes and thrashes her head really actively when trying to soothe herself to sleep and so the huge bald spot started to appear. At first I couldn’t justify splurging for a silk sleeve and kept trying to find other solutions but in the end I caved in. Thank goodness I did! Her hairs are all slowly growing back in her bald area so I’m happy to say that this works!!

Katie T.

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Silk Sleeves

Our flagship products, these innovative Silk Sleeves for Bassinets and Cribs are designed to wrap around baby's mattress to provide a layer of silk for their head to lay on. Our patented design features a stretch polyester backing as well as multiple zippers, making it fully adjustable and ensuring a snug fit.

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Silk Crib Fitted Sheets

For wriggly babies who move around a lot in their sleep, or those suffering from eczema and other skin conditions, our full Silk Crib Fitted Sheet provides the perfect sleeping surface. A full sheet of pure silk, bub can have a comfy and restful sleep every night. Our exclusive patented design, with a stretch polyester trim and adjustable elastic cord, allows you to adjust the size of your fitted sheet to fit any standard crib.

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Silk Lounger Covers

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