Suitable Loungers

Loungers compatible with our silk covers

Our silk lounger covers are so versatile!

The exclusive patented design of our Silk Lounger Cover means that it can be adjusted to fit a large range of baby loungers, baby nests and bassinets. Featuring a stretch polyester trim and adjustable elastic cord, you can customise the fit in order to use it on all the below loungers, as well as any standard bassinet mattress.

Please note that the below list includes some of the most popular loungers on the market but is not at all exhaustive. Can’t see your baby lounger on the list? Simply fill in the contact form at the bottom of this page, telling as the brand and product name of your lounger, and we’ll let you know if our Silk Lounger Cover will fit on it!


Bubba Cloud airLUXE Baby Lounger


Cam Cam Copenhagen Baby Nest

Cocoonababy Nest

Cosy Nation Baby Lounger

CubbyCove Classic Baby Lounger (without canopy)

CubbyCove Plus+ Baby Lounger (without canopy)

Cushii Lounger


DockATot Deluxe+ Baby Nest

DockATot Deluxe+ Dock

DOLDOA Baby Lounger

Done by Dear Cosy Nest


EIH Baby Nest & Lounger


growbright airnest Pod (without hood)


HelloLove Baby Lounger


LaLaMe Organic Newborn Lounger & Baby Nest

Leachco Podster Infant Lounger

Linen Social Baby Lounger

Little Grape Land Baby Nest & Lounger

Little Growers Co-Pod Baby Lounger

LoLueMade CuddleNest Mini


Mamibaby Baby Lounger


NiceTime Baby Lounger


Sleepyhead Deluxe+ Baby Pod

Snuggle Me Organic Infant Lounger

Snuggle Me Organic Toddler Lounger


Uaugh Baby Lounger

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